Tips for a Happy Beautiful Smile

  • Tip 1:  Don’t let yourself go to bed before cleaning your teeth.


  • Tip 2:  If your gums bleed when you brush, use a non-alcohol mouthwash like Savacol. The most common cause of bleeding gums is inflammation.  Clean your teeth very thoroughly with your toothbrush and floss/interdental cleaner before rinsing with Savacol.  Some people have staining when using Savacol.  This can be polished off at your next cleaning.


  • Tip 3:  Use interdental cleaners (toothpick brushes) or floss daily. If you don’t clean between your teeth, you have not cleaned them well.  Please give us a call if you have questions about how to best clean between teeth or around bridges as they may require different cleaning techniques.


  • Tip 4:  Drink more water. Drink water after eating meals but not after brushing.  After meals, rinsing will help wash out the food, beverages and the acid that bacteria produce.  But rinsing after brushing is not helpful as it will wash away the fluoride from the toothpaste before it has a chance to effect the teeth.


  • Tip 5:  Chew sugarless gum. This will produce saliva which neutralizes acid, supplies calcium and phosphate to your teeth and decreases the number of bacteria.  Chewing for 20 minutes is best.  Feel free to use more than one piece.


  • Tip 6: Drink green and black tea to limit the growth of bacteria in your mouth. These teas have polyphenols which impact the bacteria which produce acid which in turn makes cavities.   Keep in mind that tea can stain teeth darker so use with moderation.


At Bayside Dental Specialists we know how important your smile is to you.  To maintain a confident smile daily maintenance is an important element.  At your next visit please for any tips that would be specific for your mouth.

Please print a copy for yourself or a friend.

Dental tips for home care