Are you an accredited practice?

Yes – Bayside Dental Specialists has been proudly accredited since 2016. Achieving accreditation demonstrates a commitment to the provision of excellent dental care and continuous quality improvement within the practice environment.

I have a busy work schedule. Do you have early morning or late afternoon appointments available?

We have both! Our surgery opening hours are displayed on our Get In Touch page. Please contact our reception for an appointment that suits your schedule.

Why does my general dentist think I need to see a specialist prosthodontist?

Sometimes the condition of our mouths is such that it requires specialised diagnosis, and therefore treatment, to support a healthy outcome. Our prosthodontists are dentists who have chosen to specialise in complex restorative treatments, and they are committed to restoring your mouth to its best possible self. They often work closely with other specialists, and your general dentist, to achieve the best possible results for your dental situation. All our treatments are personalised and devised for your unique needs.

I am 68 years old and have some medical conditions. Is it still okay for me to have prosthodontic dental treatment?

Yes – age is no barrier to your treatment although it is very important that you inform your prosthodontist of any health conditions you have currently or have previously experienced. In some cases, it may be appropriate to gain some guidance from your medical practitioner regarding the appropriateness of your dental treatment however this can all be discussed at your first consultation with our team and prior to any dental work being conducted.

I am frightened of the dentist and have been this way since I was a child. Can you still help me?

Dental phobia, whether it be a minor or a major issue, has significant impact for many people. Fear of the dentist is very real and can have a paralysing effect resulting in a lack of attention to the health of your mouth. This can affect your whole body negatively and is something we, and you, want to avoid. The team at Bayside Dental Specialists is committed to supporting you through a positive journey to good oral health and we understand the challenges that you are facing. We offer support, understanding and patience as you embark on this journey to better your health and will do our best to make the process as stress free as possible for you.

I would like to whiten my teeth. Do I do it before or after my treatment?

It is best to consult your general dentist or prosthodontist on this topic however as a rule we recommend whitening your teeth prior to treatment commencement.

I have heard of AUDENTES Implant Bridge. What's this all about?

The AUDENTES Implant Bridge was invented by Dr Philip Tan after he saw some needs of his patients not being met by traditional All-On-4 implant bridge techniques. This procedure has been proven a highly successful treatment option for those patients with multiple teeth missing, those who have no teeth along with those patients who have significant challenges throughout their mouth. Follow the link to our AUDENTES specific site for more details

If I get dental treatment done by a prosthodontist does this mean I can’t go back to my general dentist?

Our prosthodontic team is here to support you through a specific dental event, and we always recommend that you stay connected with your general dentist and ensure that regular check ups are conducted as advised by the practice you visit. If you do not have a regular dentist our team may offer you support to find a clinic that suits your needs – a general practice where you can have your ongoing care and maintenance attended to.

Do I need a referral to get treatment at your practice?

No – however the majority of our patients come to us after being referred by a dental professional.

Can I claim my health insurance rebate directly from you at the time I pay for my treatment costs?

No – You need to claim back your rebate directly from your private health insurer after your appointment. We can provide you with the relevant forms and an itemized invoice in order to make your claim.


Five questions to ask a dentist before you consider their services
Are your dentists registered as Specialist Prosthodontists with the Dental Board of Australia?

Prosthodontists complete a broad range of complex dental treatments before being accredited. A prosthodontic graduate program provides extensive experience in restorative dentistry. Prosthodontists focus specifically on complex restorative treatments. Our dentist are registered as Specialist Prosthodontists.

Are you an Accredited Dental Practice?

Being an Accredited Dental Practice means the practice is independently audited to reduce clinical and general risks and improve the standard of patient care.

What procedure do you specialise in?

This is a bit of a trick question. What you should listen for in the answer to this question is that the dentist is not trying to fit all their patients into one solution. A dentist with an appropriate breadth of experience will emphasise the fact that they find the best solution for your individual situation rather than specialising in a particular procedure.

Do you have any conditions on your scope of practice imposed by AHPRA (license body)?

If a practitioner has had an adverse finding made by AHPRA they are not necessarily deregistered. A dentist is not obliged to disclose any findings or conditions. It is very reasonable for you to ask this question.

(For treatments involving crowns) How many prototype crowns do you trial before the final one?

In order to make the final crown function, feel and look as closely as possible to a real tooth, and also for it to last as long as possible, we make custom temporary prototypes to get your feedback before fitting the final crown. A great result comes from good planning!