Considering getting dental treatment overseas?

  • Research and find out the questions you need to ask before you decide.
  • Make time. Don’t book an inflexible airfare or limited annual leave, as you may need to stay longer than expected.
  • Accept that you may need to go back for more work. You may lose the savings you made initially.

If you decide to stay at home:

  • Have an experienced provider that understands and can handle any complications that can occur.
  • Set up a savings fund or look into medical payment plans.
  • Check the details because serious oral and maxillofacial surgery may fall under your hospital insurance.
  • Look after your teeth. Good preventative dental care will help avoid problems in the first place.


What are our Patient Privacy Policies?

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What is a Prosthodontist?

Read about what a Prosthodontist is here.

How are dental instruments sterilized at Melbourne Bayside Dental Specialists?

Instruments are fully sterilized after each use or are disposable. An autoclave (steriliser) is used to bring the cleaned instruments up to a pressurized temperature set by the NMHRC (Australian Guidelines).

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